Are You a RUDE E-Book Reader?

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Random Thoughts
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I’m either going to show my age here, or I’m going to alienate a group of people. Okay. How about I do both?

Recently I spent an afternoon stalking readers in my local, national bookseller. I wanted to see who was picking up what. Call it market research, if you will. Young families were buying all sorts of picture books for very young children.  Beginning readers were enjoying new books, running to their parents to eagerly beg for the opportunity to own the latest volume of their favorite character series. Granparents, likewise, were enjoying answering the whining, bouncing bodies around them as they set out to find something for their “special” boy or girl. Delightful. All writers and publishers, regardless of genre and delivery method, should be encouraging more reading, not less.

On the other hand (as I take a deep, cleansing breath), there are the space hogs. You know who you are. You set up court in a chair within any bookseller, open your laptop, stretch out, and then start talking on your cellular telephone. Fine. Maybe you’re not THAT rude. Maybe you’re a text message master and your fingers click so quickly you sound like a termite chomping on wood. You’re not even looking at a book in print as you coordinate your plans for the night, are you? If you’re reading an E-Book,  I hope you’re reading one of mine – or that of any other number of independent writers. We want you to read.

Please, be kind. Show some common courtesy to the rest of planet Earth as we travel through this galaxy in search of intelligent life. If you want to use your E-Book reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.), please take it into the world where it’s meant to be used. You’re free, after all, to explore the universe – all thanks to Wi-Fi. I’ve heard that you can get it practically anywhere. I’d like to offer you the excuse of saying the coffee is great, but really, it isn’t. Which brings me to another sticking point. When you go to the coffee house with your laptop or your reader, move along if you’re not going to drink coffee. Okay?

  1. Sara Katherine says:

    I admit I have been guilty of using my nook in the BarnesandNoble! It just happened though. I went to pick out a new case and ended up in the corner tapping to the next page of a new book! My apologies, but I loved this post. It’s all very true. I’ll def. be looking for your E-books now though:)

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