Reloadable Electric Sex

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Random Thoughts

*I hope you’ll pardon all intended puns and unintended double entendre

Today’s Wall Street Journal caught my eye. It wasn’t because of any of the financials (yawn), but because women are reading dirty books — privately. Apparently, they’re doing it so much that many of the major publishing houses are planning to begin publishing an increased number of E-Books in the new genre of Romantica.

Let me admit that for this reader of romance this has been a long time coming. At my age I have read just about every form of romantic writing. There are only so many times I can read about a man’s “member” or “manhood” in a sexual sense and not laugh. Speaking plainly, I cannot recall that I ever commented on a man’s member over drinks with the girls. Don’t try to tell me that ladies out there aren’t talking sex. We are. Now we’re reading about it in colorful, descriptive language.

As a writer, I’m thrilled! I’ve been writing this way for two decades. Every writing course I ever studied stressed one thing: find your voice and then write it. Feeling shunned by the writing community and the community at large for doing so, I never could find another voice.

I’d love to see more publishers jump on for the ride of their lives by publishing¬†erotic romance. There are enough readers to go around. There are enough writers to supply their varied demands. Dare I say different strokes for different folks?

So, give us a shot — or two. Be willing to try new things without feeling guilty. You’re not cheating on your primary partners by having a little look on the wild side.


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